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Glottiphyllum Latifolium

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Glottiphyllum Latifolium
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Sun: Unknown - Tell us

Water: Unknown - Tell us

Temperature: Unknown - Tell us

Winter Survival: Unknown - Tell us

Propagation: cuttings, seeds

Flower: Unknown - Tell us

Flower Type: Yellow

Toxic: Unknown - Tell us

Dormant: Unknown - Tell us

Space Requirement: Indoors & Outdoors

Common Problems: Unknown - Tell us

Basc Care for Glottiphyllum Latifolium


Watering for Glottiphyllum Latifolium is a simple task. It requires Unknown - Tell us.

Can you water your succulent more than what its need? The answer is yes and no. In extreme conditions, you can water your plants more often when you notice the soil is completely dry.


Only feed this succulent during its active growing seasons which means Unknown - Tell us. Use the right fertilizer applied in the right amounts. Applying half-strength balanced fertilizer every month or so is recommended for optimal results.

Do not fertilize during Unknown - Tell us as the plant is dormant.

Sun & Location Requirements for "Glottiphyllum Latifolium"

As per this succulent profile, it is only able to stay healthy when the environment temperature is above the range of unknown - Tell us.

Any succulents in the group will need a medium space to grow. You can place your pot at your table or window. Since this plant needs more space than mini succulents, you should consider do not plant them together with other succulents/plants.


One way to propagate Glottiphyllum Latifolium is by cutting

Growing Glottiphyllum Latifolium from seeds is an easy and economical way to produce more plants. Identify a healthy seed by its plumpness, dark color and slightly sticky texture. Once the potting mix has been pre-mixed with well-draining soil, sow the seeds evenly and press lightly into the surface. To ensure germination, keep the container in bright but indirect light and mist the soil gently with a spray bottle.


Glottiphyllum Latifolium

Pests and Diseases

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