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Juttadinteria albata

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Juttadinteria albata
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Sun: full sun

Water: Typical water needs for a succulent

Temperature: Unknown - Tell us

Winter Survival: Unknown - Tell us

Propagation: Unknown - Tell us

Flower: Unknown - Tell us

Flower Type: white

Toxic: Unknown - Tell us

Dormant: Unknown - Tell us

Space Requirement:

Common Problems:

Basc Care for Juttadinteria albata


Watering for Juttadinteria albata is a simple task. It requires Typical water needs for a succulent.

What you need to remember is that this type of succulents needs to be watered for every 2 weeks


Only feed this succulent during its active growing seasons which means Unknown - Tell us. Use the right fertilizer applied in the right amounts. Applying half-strength balanced fertilizer every month or so is recommended for optimal results.

Do not fertilize during Unknown - Tell us as the plant is dormant.

Sun & Location Requirements for "Juttadinteria albata"

Juttadinteria albata requires full sun for optimal growth and health. Place your succulent in a sunny spot in your garden or on a windowsill to ensure it's getting enough light. You'll know that the succulent is receiving enough sunlight if its leaves are bright green and firm.

As per this succulent profile, it is only able to stay healthy when the environment temperature is above the range of unknown - Tell us.



Juttadinteria albata

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