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Sulcorebutia Traquensis Bicolorispinus

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Sulcorebutia Traquensis Bicolorispinus
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Sun: Full sun to light shade

Water: Below average watering needs for a succulent

Temperature: Unknown - Tell us

Winter Survival: Unknown - Tell us

Propagation: cuttings, seeds, grafting

Flower: Unknown - Tell us

Flower Type: pink, purple

Toxic: Unknown - Tell us

Dormant: winter

Space Requirement: Indoors & Outdoors

Common Problems: No major pests

Basc Care for Sulcorebutia Traquensis Bicolorispinus


Regular watering period should be every 2 weeks

You can water your succulent more than often in extreme conditions but make sure that the soil is completely dry before watering your succulent again.


Only feed this succulent during its active growing seasons which means Unknown - Tell us. Use the right fertilizer applied in the right amounts. Applying half-strength balanced fertilizer every month or so is recommended for optimal results.

Do not fertilize during winter as the plant is dormant.

Sun & Location Requirements for "Sulcorebutia Traquensis Bicolorispinus"

Placing Sulcorebutia Traquensis Bicolorispinus in full sun to light shade is key for its growth and health. Look for a spot that gets around 6 hours of direct sunlight each day, but also offers plenty of shade during the hottest parts of the day.

As per this succulent profile, it is only able to stay healthy when the environment temperature is above the range of unknown - Tell us.

Sulcorebutia Traquensis Bicolorispinus also benefits from some indirect light throughout the day as well, so make sure you give it enough space to soak up light without becoming too exposed to heat.


One way to propagate Sulcorebutia Traquensis Bicolorispinus is by cutting

Sulcorebutia Traquensis Bicolorispinus can be propagated from seeds. Signs of a good seed is one that is plump, dark in color and slightly sticky. To propagate X from seed, one must prepare a soil mixture of well-draining potting mix, sow the seeds evenly and lightly press them into the surface. Lastly, gently water the soil using a spray bottle and place the container in bright but indirect light.

Grafting is an effective way to propagate Sulcorebutia Traquensis Bicolorispinus. It involves carefully cutting and splicing two plants together, creating a strong fusion between the two. This ensures that the plant can grow in a healthy manner, with minimal risk of damage to either part.


Sulcorebutia Traquensis Bicolorispinus

Pests and Diseases

Sulcorebutia Traquensis Bicolorispinus is not affected too much by common pests and diseases like most of the other succulents.

It may get attacked by %pest_names%. To prevent this from happening, keep your succulent in a well-ventilated area and check it regularly for any signs of pests or health problems. If you do spot any, treat the plant using below methods.

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