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Red Succulents: A Burst of Color in Your Garden

Succulents require low-maintenance nature and unique capabilities of storing water. The world of succulents offers a wide variety of fascinating colors and textures, with red succulents making a captivating statement in any space. 

7 Types of Red Succulents

In this article, we’ll explore some red succulent types, including Kalanchoe luciae, Sempervivum ‘Strawberry Fields’, Euphorbia tirucalli ‘Sticks on Fire’, Crassula capitella, Echeveria ‘Fireball’, Echeveria pulvinata ‘Ruby’, and Sempervivum ‘Dea’.

Kalanchoe luciae

Known as Flapjacks or Paddle Plant, Kalanchoe luciae is a stunning succulent with large, thick, paddle-shaped leaves in shades of green and red.

This South African native is known for its unique foliage that turns a gorgeous red color during the cooler months or when exposed to bright sunlight.

We pick this species because of the size, the max measured of “name” is 6 inches wide, suitable for any table or working desk.

Sempervivum ‘Strawberry Fields’

Sempervivum ‘Strawberry Fields’ is a bright red succulent belonging to the versatile Sempervivum genus, commonly called Hens and Chicks.

This eye-catching plant is characterized by rosettes of leaves that have an intense red hue, resembling juicy strawberries.

Euphorbia tirucalli ‘Sticks on Fire’

This plant, native to Madagascar, thrives in warm temperatures and can grow up to 25 feet in its natural habitat.

The dramatic Euphorbia tirucalli ‘Sticks on Fire’, also known as Pencil Cactus or Fire Sticks, is a branching succulent with a unique combination of red, orange, and yellow shades on its pencil-like branches.

Crassula capitella

With its unique appearance and brilliant shades of red and green, Crassula capitella, also known as Red Pagoda or Campfire Plant, is a fantastic addition to any succulent collection.

The plant features triangular leaves that grow spirally, creating a fascinating geometric pattern.

Echeveria ‘Fireball’

The fiery Echeveria ‘Fireball’ is a succulent choice that adds a burst of red color to any garden or home.

This Echeveria variety features fleshy green leaves with a bold, red outline, creating a stunning contrast.

Echeveria pulvinata ‘Ruby’

Echeveria pulvinata ‘Ruby’, commonly known as Ruby Slippers or Red Velvet, is a fascinating succulent boasting red and green rosettes covered with fine white hairs.

Combining these traits gives the Ruby succulent a soft, velvety appearance.

Sempervivum ‘Dea’

A another captivating red succulent variety in the Hens and Chicks family is Sempervivum ‘Dea’.

This dynamic plant displays a stunning combination of dark purple and green leaves, with red tips that catch the eye.

Perfect for adding a touch of contrast to your succulent garden, the Sempervivum ‘Dea’ requires well-draining soil thrives in various temperatures.


With these striking red succulent varieties, your collection will be the talk of the town! 

DM me if you have any other red succulents that I can add to the list.

Good luck!

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