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Purple Succulent Types:  A Guide to Adding a Pop of Color to Your Succulent Collection

My husband loves the purple color, and my daughter like wearing purple. I like purple succulents. However, I do not own all of the below succulents. Some are being added based on our succulent database.

In this article, I list 14 nice succulents that have purple color. I believe that the below list will make significant changes in any area.

14 Best Purple Succulent Types For Your Garden

One of the most popular purple succulent types is the Echeveria ‘Black Prince.‘ This rosette-shaped succulent has a deep, almost black color that gives it a dramatic look. It thrives in bright light and is perfect for containers or as a focal point in a garden bed.

Another striking purple succulent is the Graptoveria ‘Debbie.’ This compact plant has thick, pale purple leaves that have a velvety texture. It blooms in the summer with bright pink flowers, adding a contrasting pop of color to its muted leaves.

If you’re looking for a more unusual purple succulent, the Tradescantia pallida ‘Purple Heart’ is a great option. This trailing plant has vibrant purple leaves that contrast well with its delicate white flowers. It’s great for hanging baskets or as ground cover in a container.

Here are more examples of purple succulent types that you might consider adding to your garden:

Aeonium ‘Silk Pinwheel’

This beautiful succulent features rosettes of purple leaves that sprout from a single stem. When the plant receives enough sunlight, the edges of the leaves turn pink or purple, creating a lovely ombre effect.

Anacampseros rufescens

Also known as the sand rose, this succulent has delicate, rosette-shaped leaves ranging from light pink to deep purple.

The plant can change colors throughout the day depending on the light it receives. The mature leaves will get easy turn pink if the plant get enough sun and fertilizer.

The anacampseros rufescens also feature tiny pinkish-white flowers that bloom in the summer. You can check its profile on our website to see what the flower looks like.

Kalanchoe sexangularis

This rare succulent is a true gem for collectors. With star-shaped foliage in shades of purple and green, the Kalanchoe sexangularis is a standout.

Unlike some succulents, this plant is quite tall, with stems reaching up to 3 feet.

In the spring, the plant produces small, red to pink flowers.

Sedum spurium ‘Dragon’s Blood’

With its crimson-colored foliage, the ‘Dragon’s Blood’ sedum is an eye-catching addition to any garden.

The plant forms low mats of leaves that spread easily and quickly.

In the summer, the ‘Dragon’s Blood’ sedum produces deep pink flowers that contrast beautifully with the surrounding foliage.


Among the many Sempervivum species, wide purple succulent varieties have become popular with gardeners and succulent enthusiasts worldwide.

Sempervivum ‘Brock’

This variety of sempervivum features tightly packed rosettes of green and purple leaves that are unique, almost metallic.

The plant produces small pink flowers in the summer, but the striking foliage makes it a standout.

Sempervivum ‘Dea’

The ‘Dea’ variety of sempervivum features light green leaves flecked with deep purple spots.

Sempervivum ‘Jungle Shadows’

With deep purple leaves that fade to green at the center, the ‘Jungle Shadows’ sempervivum is a striking succulent that can add a pop of color to any garden.

The plant produces clusters of rosettes that can spread over time, making it an excellent ground cover.

Sempervivum ‘Kip’

The ‘Kip’ variety of sempervivum features pale green leaves with deep purple tips that create an attractive gradient effect.

Sempervivum Red Lion

In the summer, the ‘Red Lion’ produces small, pink flowers that contrast beautifully with the surrounding foliage.

Sempervivum ‘Wendy’

This sempervivum species features small, tight clusters of rosettes with green leaves and deep purple tips.

The plant remains relatively small, making it an excellent choice for container gardens.

Sempervivum Heuffelii ‘Irene’

This plant produces tight clusters of rosettes that can range in color from deep purple to light green.

In conclusion

This is an article sharing 16 purple succulent types beside purple. I also list some other highlighted succulents by color, size, or shape. Check your favorite one below.

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