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25 Best Succulent Species for Indoors

If you want to grow succulents indoors because of lack of space but are worried about which type to choose.

Don’t miss it. Reading this article will help you better understand indoor succulents and common species that are easy to grow indoors.

Here I Have 25 Stunning Species to Grow Indoors

I will share 25 stunning species of succulent indoor plants, including Aloe, Anacampseros, Crassula, and more.

These plants are perfect for anyone who wants to add greenery and color to their home or office without putting in too much effort.


Aloe plants are known for their medicinal properties but also great indoor plants. They come in various sizes and colors, and their fleshy leaves store water to help them survive in dry environments.

Here are four top picks if you love the genus Aloe:


A genus of small succulent plants is Anacampseros. It is that come in a range of colors, including green, purple, and pink. Anacampseros retusa has dark brown or green leaves, especially beautiful pink flowers. They are easy to grow and look great in small containers or terrariums. 


Crassula falcata and Crassula multicava are two species of the genus Crassula that should be grown indoors. They are perfect for beginners and can grow happily with minimal care.


If you love succulent plants that grow in clusters. Dinteranthus Pole-evansii and Dinteranthus Vanzylii are two stunningly beautiful succulent plants that grow in clusters. They need bright, direct sunlight to thrive and can be difficult to grow, but it is worth the effort.


Dischidia Platyphylla is an epiphytic succulent type that grows well in small containers or as hanging plants. They have unique foliage and produce small, white flowers once they mature.


Echeveria is one of the most popular succulent indoor plants. They come in various colors and sizes and look great in containers or as part of a succulent arrangement.

You should not miss some of the following species:


Maybe this is a surprise but Euphorbia cereiformis is a succulent indoor. Euphorbia plants are diverse and come in a range of shapes and sizes. They are easy to care for and can grow well in low-light conditions.


Gastersteria is a hybrid of Gasteria and another succulent species. It has unique foliage and comes in a range of colors. Gasteria plants are perfect for low-light environments and can grow well in small containers or terrariums. They have unique foliage patterns and produce beautiful, bell-shaped flowers. Some species you can find include:


Gymnocalycium Mihanovichii Variegata has colorful, showy flowers that bloom once they mature. They are perfect for small containers or terrariums.


For those who love hanging baskets or a vertical garden. Hatiora salicornioides (drunkard’s dream)produce colorful flowers with unique foliar patterns.


Haworthia is a compact succulent well suited to growing on a desk or near a window. Haworthia can live in natural light from windows and artificial light from controlled bulbs near the desk.

These plants are adaptable to all types of soil and often require little water in the summer, making them easy to care for in a busy work environment.

Haworthia also comes in various color shades and sizes to suit a variety of spaces, from simple desks to display shelves or small window corners.

With the above benefits, Haworthia is a great choice to decorate the workspace, bringing a sense of relaxation and coolness to people working in a busy environment.

Here are some popular species:


Kalanchoe blossfeldiana (calandiva) floriferous and Kalanchoe blossfeldiana (Flaming Katy, floriferous) are perfect for beginners. They are easy to care for and produce bright, showy flowers.


Although Lenophyllum Guttatum and Lenophyllum guttatum ‘Variegatum’ are succulent indoors, they prefer bright, direct sunlight and can be difficult to grow. However, their striking leaves will make you willingly take the time to take care of them.

In general, depending on personal preferences, you can choose the right succulent. There are many indoor succulents in all different sizes and colors for you. Here are a few more options we’ve rounded up.

With so many stunning species available, including Aloe, Anacampseros, Crassula, and more, there is sure to be a succulent indoor plant that suits your preferences and skill level.

These low-maintenance plants are perfect for busy individuals or those new to gardening and are sure to bring joy with their unique and eye-catching appearance.

Especially if you don’t like any species on this list, check out our 926 succulent species to find your favorite.

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